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Mathematical Physics & Statistical Mechanics


Mathematical Physics is the study of the mathematics associated with models of the physical world. One important and modern part of mathematical physics is the study of models in statistical mechanics. Statistical mechanics involves the understanding of large complex systems by averaging the behaviour of the individual components. For example, one can understand the behaviour of a gas without describing the motion of all the molecules involved, simply by knowing the type and strength of the forces between the molecules, using the principles of statistical mechanics. This powerful idea can be applied to many and varied systems in the natural world and in the human arena. It was not said lightly by a leading scientist that 'a well-trained statistical mechanician can tackle any problem' since, for example, statistical mechanics graduates can be found working in high-end financial organisations, in brain research or working for the Human Genome Project.


Dr Richard BRAK (Senior Lecturer)
Professor Jan DE GIER (Head of School)
Professor Omar FODA (Professor)
Professor Peter FORRESTER (Professor)
Professor Anthony (Tony) GUTTMANN (Professor)
Professor Aleks OWCZAREK (Professor)
Professor Paul PEARCE (Professor)
Dr Thomas QUELLA (Senior Lecturer)
Dr David RIDOUT (Senior Lecturer)
Associate Professor Paul ZINN-JUSTIN (Associate Professor)

Research Fellows

Dr Nicholas BEATON (Research Fellow)
Dr Iwan JENSEN (Senior Research Fellow)
Dr Kazuya KAWASETSU (Research Fellow)
Dr Xin ZHANG (Research Fellow)
Associate Professor Paul ZINN-JUSTIN (ARC Future Fellow)


Professor Frank CALEGARI (University of Chicago)

Postgraduate Students

Zeying CHEN
John FOXCROFT – ‘Combinatorial Enumeration and the Bethe Auzats.
Tianshu LIU
William MOORE – ‘Bi-orthogonal Polynomials and the Combinatorics of Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process
Steve SIU
Alessandra VITTORINI ORGEAS – ‘Exact solution of nonunitary lattice models in two dimensional statistical mechanics
Ruijie XU

Masters (RT) Students

Jiyuan ZHANG