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Complex Systems


Complex systems play a key role in a vast range of societal activities– climate, the internet, traffic control, power distribution, agriculture, defence, manufacturing, engineering, water management, finance and many more. In any system, be it physical, biological or social, collective phenomena occur as the number of components increase. Analysing the behaviour of any individual component gives no indication as to how the system as a whole behaves, but understanding entire systems can lead to the prediction and subsequently the control and optimisation of their behaviour.


Dr Richard BRAK (Senior Lecturer)
Professor Anthony (Tony) GUTTMANN (Professor)
Professor Aleks OWCZAREK (Professor)
Professor Antoinette TORDESILLAS (Professor)

Research Fellows

Dr Iwan JENSEN (Senior Research Fellow)

Postgraduate Students

John FOXCROFT – ‘Combinatorial Enumeration and the Bethe Auzats.
Sanath KAHAGALAGE – ‘An Optimal Control approach to medlling propulsion dynamics in fully submerged granular media environments
William MOORE – ‘Bi-orthogonal Polynomials and the Combinatorics of Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process
Sebastian PUCILOWSKI – ‘Modelling confined comminution processes in mineral exploration
Joost Herman VAN DER LINDEN – ‘Pore Scale Characterisation of Geomaterials
Ruijie XU

Masters (RT) Students

Ashild TELLE