How to Apply to Graduate School in Mathematics

Three Basic Steps:

  1. Register for and take the GRE General Test.
  2. Register for and take the GRE Subject Test in Mathematics.
  3. Fill out applications for each of the institutions to which you would like to apply.

A Bit More Detail:

  1. The GRE General Test
    • To register for a test in the Madison area, call (608) 231-6270 (have a credit card ready to pay about $105 in registration and testing fees).
    • To register for a test anywhere, call 1-800-GRE-CALL.
    • Visit the following website for more information about the test and free test preparation software:

  2. The GRE Subject Test in Mathematics
    • You must register for a test at least 6 weeks prior the test date.
    • Registration deadlines and test dates can be viewed at the website:
    • To register for a test there are 2 options:
      • Option 1: Go to the website: and register on-line by clicking the on-line registration@ link.
      • Option 2: Register by mail by obtaining a GRE Bulletin packet, which contains the necessary registration materials. This can be done by clicking on the AGRE Bulletin@ link at: and either downloading the packet or requesting a free copy. An alternative to computer use is to call 1-800-GRE-CALL and request a copy.
    • Visit the following website for more information about the test:

  3. Filling Out Applications
    The easiest and often preferred way to do this is on-line. However, you may request a paper copy of the application forms by contacting any institution's graduate school. The easiest way to obtain contact information for a graduate school is by going to the institution's website (where you might as well just fill out the on-line application :). Also, application instructions will alert you to the necessary forms for letters of recommendation, transcript requests, and any other departmental specific information required (which may vary slightly between institutions).

    Notes: Institutions will require GRE scores. You will be allowed to send all scores to 4 institutions each time you take a GRE exam (general or subject), but you'll have to pay to have them sent to any additional schools. Information about sending scores to more than 4 institutions can be found in the GRE Bulletin packet (which can be obtained by following the Step 2, part b), Option 2 instructions above).

Have any more questions? Click here for some Frequently Asked Questions.

Prepared by Jassem Shahrani, 02/01/2002