Equity and diversity

The School of Mathematics and Statistics recognizes and celebrates the diversity of people, thoughts, and experiences that contribute to mathematics. We acknowledge, welcome, and celebrate our differences, including those related to race, gender, gender identity, nationality, immigration status, sexual orientation, religion, disability status, and socioeconomic status.

Motivated by the understanding that research and education benefit from the involvement of all people, we are committed to broadening participation in our School and in our profession. We are actively engaged in the recruitment, retention, and promotion of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff from varied backgrounds to achieve this goal.

In addition to the University and Faculty-wide Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, the School of Mathematics and Statistics engages in a range of activities and measures to continually improve the culture of our School for our staff and students. Some of our current initiatives include:


To report issues of discrimination, sexual harassment, or bullying


These resources can help you learn about more practical ways to engage:

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Your feedback

The School is committed to an inclusive and safe environment for all our staff and students. Comments or concerns related to Equity and Diversity in our community can be submitted here.

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Facilities supporting broader participation

The University is continually improving its facilities to support the diversity of its student and staff cohorts. Some facilities that are available in the buildings the School occupies and the immediate surrounds include:

Accessible entrances to buildings

  • The northern entrance of BN160 Peter Hall is accessible with access to large parts of the ground floor of the building. An accessible ramp is also being added to the western entrance in 2022.
  • The ground floor of Old Geology is accessible through the north entrance with access to the ground floor.
  • The ground floor of BN184 Old Microbiology is accessible through the west entrance with access to the ground floor.
  • Melbourne Connect is fully accessible.

All gender bathroom facilities

  • BN162 Student Pavilion: 2 x gender neutral toilets on level 2, 291 and 292.
  • BN159 Arts and Cultural Building: 4 x gender neutral toilets G92, G93, G97, G98 (building not yet open)
  • BN160 Peter Hall: 1 x gender neutral toilet G70C
  • BN184 Old Microbiology: 2 x gender neutral toilets G35, G34

Parenting rooms

  • BN130 Union House: Parenting room on ground floor
  • BN104 Alan Gilbert Building: Parenting room level 2

Prayer rooms

  • BN192 David Caro: Prayer/Meditation room level ground, access provision upon request

The search engine on this University map can be used to find specific facilities across campus with suggested digital wayfinding paths

  • Enter search terms to find specific facilities across campus, for example ‘gender’,’ parenting’ and ‘accessible’
  • Display wayfinding paths by clicking on ‘Directions’
  • Click ‘avoid stairs and obstacles’ to find accessible pathways.