About Us

The Team

The team was formed in 2019 to provide programs and resources that increase engagement in mathematics and statistics at all levels. Through our offerings, we aim to contribute to the mathematics pipeline; provide opportunities for underrepresented groups; promote STEM to the wider community; and support and collaborate with other outreach teams. If you have questions about any of our programs, please email us at ms-outreach@unimelb.edu.au.

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Cindy Huang

Before joining the team in 2021, Cindy was an educator in university engineering subjects. She has also done research and evaluation in formal and informal STEM education. She has a background in engineering, applied maths, experimental physics, and STEM education. Cindy enjoys helping young people discover and pursue pathways in maths and stats.

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Dominic Maderazo

After being a researcher in the area of mathematical biology and a stint in the cyber security industry, Dom joined the Outreach Team in 2021. With a background in mathematics education and close to a decade of experience, Dom enjoys challenging students' perceptions about what they think is important in maths and stats.

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Susan James

Susan conducted research in the area of medical statistics. She worked as a mathematics educator in both the UK and Australia before taking a role with the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute focused on encouraging students to see the importance of mathematics and statistics. As the team lead, Susan oversees and holds the Outreach Team together.

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Paul Fijn

Paul splits his time between outreach, the Mathematics and Statistics Learning Centre and lecturing. Other than being an educator, Paul performs research to improve outcomes for students through the usages of technology to foster engagement and learning. Paul is trained as a pure mathematician, but now also makes use of his background in psychology to be a statistician.