The School of Mathematics and Statistics Research Competition provides high-school students with the opportunity to understand what it means to conduct mathematics and solve mathematical problems.

Students will be given a set of open-ended research questions from which they choose one. They can then employ methods used by mathematical researchers to investigate their problem; they can gather data, simplify, visualise, hypothesise, conjecture and prove. The aim of the competition is to allow students to use their creativity and problem-solving skills to make choices about how best to ask and answer questions about their chosen project. As teamwork is a valuable and essential skill for research, students are encouraged to participate in the competition as part of a team which will provide opportunities to reason and work collaboratively with others. Students may participate individually if they wish.


Students must be enrolled in an Australian or New Zealand government or non-government school. The competition is open to three age categories: Juniors (Years 5 - 6), Intermediate (Years 7 - 9) and Senior (Years 10 - 12).

If a team includes students from different age categories, then they must enter in the category of the oldest student. Schools are encouraged to enter multiple teams and students are welcome to participate in multiple teams on different projects.

2022 Research Competition

If you would like to take part in the 2022 Research Competition, please register your interest below and we will send you information about the competition (including the Research Question Booklet) when it becomes available.

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