Research Competition FAQs

This page contains answers to frequently asked questions about the competition. If your question is not answered, please contact us at

Administration and Joining

  • What is the fee to enter the competition?

    $0 AUD

  • Is there a deadline to register teams or individuals?

    Teams/individuals are registered at the time of submission. The initial registration is for the School Contact to receive the Research Question Booklets and updates and announcements.

  • Can home schooled students participate?


  • When is the submission deadline?

    11:59 PM Wednesday 10th August 2022 (Melbourne time, UTC +10:00)

  • Do the projects need to be submitted?

    No. However, prizes and certificates will only be awarded to teams which have officially submitted.

  • Will solutions to the projects be released?

    No. However, the finalist projects will be published on the Outreach website after the Finals.

  • I am a teacher. What is my involvement in this competition?

    You are expected to give the project booklets to your students and sign a section of the declaration form stating that you believe the project outputs to be the students' original work. You are not expected or permitted to help with the projects in a technical capacity.

  • What is a School Contact?

    For the purposes of this competition a School Contact is one of:

    • A registered teacher employed at the same school of a student submitting a research project.
    • A responsible adult acting as a home school instructor for a student submitting a research project. This adult must hold a valid registration with the home education authority of their state, territory or region.

    As part of auditing, the School Contact may be asked to provide proof of registration.


  • Is there a limit on how many teams a school can enter?

    No, schools can enter as many teams as they like.

  • Can a student be in more than one team?

    Yes. However, the different teams must be working on different projects.

  • Can a team be made up of students from different schools?

    Yes. See the submission page for information on additional requirements.

  • Can a team be made up of students from different age categories?

    Yes, but the project must be chosen from the question booklet for the age category of the oldest student in the team.


  • I am a student or part of a student team. How do I submit my/our completed project?

    The exact procedure for submitting the projects can be viewed at the submission details page.

  • I am a teacher. How do I submit the completed project(s) of my student(s)?

    The exact procedure for submitting the projects can be viewed at the submission details page.

  • I am a parent/guardian of a home schooled child(ren). How do I submit a completed project(s) for my child(ren)?

    The exact procedure for submitting the projects can be viewed at the submission details page.

  • Can a team of students submit a project without a School Contact?

    Yes. However, you must ensure that the Sections A and C (School Details and Team Details) of the declaration form have been filled in. If Section B (School Contact Declaration) has not been filled and signed, the entry will not be eligible to be shortlisted as a Finalist but can be awarded one of: Participation, Merit, High Commendation or Distinction.

  • Why does a School Contact need to be involved in the process?

    The research competition is a school program. To be considered as a Finalist Team, a School Contact must declare the originality of the students’ work by signing Section B of the declaration form. Projects without a School Contact's details and signature at Section B of the declaration form can be submitted but will not be eligible to be shortlisted as a Finalist.

  • My child’s school will not take part in the competition nor sign the declaration form. What are my options?

    These will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us at:

  • What are the rules for submitting a project?

    Please refer to the guidelines and requirements set out on the submission page of the competition website.

  • I am a teacher. What is the easiest way to submit multiple entries?

    Sign the appropriate section in the declaration form and then have your students submit their own projects along with the signed declaration form to the online submission form.

Finalists and Finals Event

  • How are finalists chosen?

    The judging criteria will vary depending on the age category and the complexity of the research project. However, whenever explicit mathematics is involved, mathematical accuracy is vitally important, as is the correct use of mathematical language. In addition to these, the judging criteria include elements for originality, creativity, communication and presentation.

  • What happens after a team is selected as a Finalist?

    Finalists are invited to present their research projects at the Finals Event which will be held at the University of Melbourne Parkville Campus.

  • When will the Finals Event take place?

    The Finals Event will take place in October 2022.

  • How do I participate at the Finals if I can't make it to the Parkville Campus?

    Finalists unable to attend campus will be able to participate in the Finals virtually.

  • How will the Top Team be chosen at the Finals Event?

    The Top Team is chosen by a panel of judges comprising academics in the School of Mathematics and Statistics and members of the Outreach Team. The judging panel will select the Top Team for each age category based on presentation quality, clarity, and communication.

  • What if I am a finalist and I don't want my name publicised?

    We will only publish your first initial and last name, along with the school with your consent. (E.g. J. Smith - University of Melbourne)

Prizes and Certificates

  • What are the awards available?

    Teams that submit a research project will be awarded one of the following certificates:

    • Participation
    • Merit
    • High Commendation
    • Distinction
    • Finalist
  • What are the prizes?
    • Top Senior Team (AU: Year 10 -12, NZ: Year 11-13) - $1500 AUD
    • Top Intermediate Team (AU: Year 7-9, NZ: Year 8-10) - $1500 AUD
    • Top Junior Team (AU: Year 5-6, NZ: Year 6-7) - $1500 AUD
    • Finalist Team - $600 AUD

    In the event that the Top Team is shared across 2 teams, the prize amount will be $1050 AUD per team.

  • How will teams receive their prize money?

    The prize money will be awarded in the form of an e-gift card which will be sent to students directly.

  • How will teams receive their certificates?
    • Non-finalist teams will receive digital certificates; these will be sent to the School Contact.
    • Finalist teams will receive physical certificates at the Finals Event.