KD Dang

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Dr. KD Dang is a lecturer in Data Science and Statistics in the School of Mathematics and Statistics. KD uses statistical methods to model the effects of pre-natal alcohol exposure. This involves investigating the effects of the drinking behaviour of the mother during pregnancy on the cognition of the child.

KD is passionate about food and trying new foods while travelling. She also likes cooking and taking pictures of random things that she sees in everyday life.

KDs website:  https://findanexpert.unimelb.edu.au/profile/890024-kd-dang

What was your relationship with maths and stats like in school?

My father is a mathematician and I didn't do badly in the subject but I wasn't very attracted to it until I was introduced to statistics and probability in high school.

What is the best thing about working in maths and stats?

You get to collaborate with people in different fields and learn about what they have, what their questions and problems are. It’s satisfying to feel that what you learn can be applied, can be helpful to others. You’re doing something useful and meaningful and interesting.

If you were no longer allowed to be an academic, what would you do instead?

I would be a photographer. I like taking pictures. I want to capture moments as how I see it. Different people see things differently and I like to express the world as how I see it through photos. Also, as a photographer you get to travel.

What do you think is an important skill for a mathematician/statistician?

I think communication skills are very important. As a scientist, you always have to promote your research and therefore it is critical to be able to explain clearly what you are working on. More often than not, a mathematician/statistician is involved in collaborative works, and if you don't know how to communicate well, how are you going to work with your collaborator?