A network model for wavelength selection problem on WRONoCs


A network model for wavelength selection problem on WRONoCs

Thomas Cherry Room
Peter Hall
Monash Road


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Emerging technologies in on-chip communication domain bring about new combinatorial optimization problems at design automation.

This talk will introduce the Wavelength Selection Problem in Wavelength-Routed Optical Networks-on-Chip (WRONoCs).

In WRONoCs, wavelengths act as signal carriers for initiator-to-target communication.

Given the network topology, a set of wavelengths as well as the radii of the optical switches which are in charge of routing the optical signals, have to be selected so that routing faults are prevented and interference minimized.

We present this novel engineering problem and model it as a constrained shortest path on acyclic networks, propose a graph-based mathematical formulation and an iterative procedure on incremental graphs to solve the model on realistic data.

Finally, a Benders Decomposition approach currently under investigation will be discussed.


  • Dr Maddalena Nonato
    Dr Maddalena Nonato, University of Ferrara