Statistics with Industry: Demonstrating Impact

Free Public Lecture

Statistics with Industry: Demonstrating Impact

JH Michell Theatre
Peter Hall
Monash Road


Companies are increasingly aware of the power of data and have read glowing success stories of transformation and added value through data science. They want to learn more and many are turning to universities for support. Universities in the UK are keen to engage with business and industry because of the valuable research opportunities, and also because they need to show societal impact as part of their submissions to periodic Research Excellence Framework (REF) assessments.

The Industrial Statistics Research Unit at Newcastle University, UK, was set up to help companies take advantage of statistical thinking to improve the way they function. Interaction with universities is valuable to companies and in return provides the University with case studies for teaching and evidence of research impact. In this talk, Dr Shirley Coleman will describe how they engage with companies through knowledge transfer partnerships and will outline a successful impact case study from 2014 that arose from their collaborative statistical research, and further illustrated by case studies from their current partnerships with small and medium enterprises.


  • Dr Shirley Coleman
    Dr Shirley Coleman, Technical Director & Principal Research Associate