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Applied Mathematics Student Seminar

Belz Lecture series

Completion Seminar

PhD completion seminars. Coordinators: Guoqi Qian, Paul Norbury.

Continuum Modelling Seminar

Coordinator: Kerry Landman.

Discrete Structures and Algorithms Seminar

Discrete mathematics, combinatorics, structural graph theory, algebraic graph theory, graph algorithms, combinatorial optimisation, discrete geometry. Coordinator: Sanming Zhou.

Discrete Structures and Algorithms Reading Group

Coordinators: Sanming Zhou, Charl Ras.

Knot Invariants Seminar

This seminar is organised around emerging ideas in mathematical physics and 3-manifold topology, specifically so-called quantum invariants. It is a working seminar where speakers present either seminar papers in the field and/or original work. Coordinator: Neil Hoffman

Learning and Teaching Seminar

An occasional seminar series on learning and teaching from the Mathematics and Statistics Learning Centre. Coordinator: Robert Maillardet.

Mathematical and Computational Biology Seminar

Organised by the Mathematical and Computational Biology group and supported by the Computational Biology Research Initiative. Covers applications of mathematics and computing to better understand biological systems. Coordinator: Jennifer Flegg.

Mathematical Physics Seminar

Statistical mechanics, mathematical physics, and enumerative combinatorics. Coordinators: David Ridout, Thomas Quella.

Mathematics and Statistics Colloquia

Colloquia of the School of Mathematics and Statistics. Coordinators: Guoqi Qian, Paul Norbury.

Pure Mathematics Seminar

Coordinators: Jesse Gell-Redman and Ting Xue

School Seminar

Coordinators: Jan De Gier, Kerry Shepherd.

Statistics Seminar

Coordinator: Tingjin Chu and Liuhua Peng

Stochastic Processes Seminar

Probability Theory, Stochastic Processes and their applications. Coordinator: Mark Holmes.

Topology Seminar

Coordinators: Marcy Robertson, Diarmuid Crowley.