Dr Binzhou Xia awarded 2017 Kirkman Medal

Dr Binzhou Xia, from the School of Mathematics and Statistics, has been awarded the 2017 Kirkman Medal of the Institute of Combinatorics and Its Applications (ICA).

Dr Xia was awarded the Kirkman Medal in recognition of his outstanding contributions to permutation groups and graph symmetry. His award citation noted that his research exhibited substantial depth and breadth.

"He has repeatedly solved long-standing open problems, including the existence of a vertex-primitive 2-arc-transitive digraph (with Giudici and Li), the decomposition of tensor products of Jordan blocks (with Glasby and Praeger), and covering radii of certain groups (with Huang and Zhou)."

Dr Xia will be presented with his medal at an upcoming ICA conference.

The School of Mathematics and Statistics acknowledges Dr Xia's outstanding contributions and extends congratulations to him on receiving this prestigious, international award.