Dr Roslyn Hickson awarded the Victorian Young Tall Poppy Science Award

Dr Roslyn Hickson has been recognised with the Victorian Young Tall Poppy Science Award for her research using mathematical modeling to predict the spread of diseases.

Dr Roslyn Hickson’s research uses mathematical modelling to predict the spread of diseases, and helps people decide how best to control outbreaks.

The prestigious Victorian Young Tall Poppy Science Award recognises young researchers across a diverse range of fields and many universities. The award helps promote awareness of the wealth of Australian scientific and intellectual excellence.

Dr Hickson is a Research Fellow in the Australian Centre of Research Excellence in Malaria Elimination (ACREME) at the University of Melbourne, based in the School of Mathematics and Statistics. Her research informs policy and practice through mathematical modelling of infectious diseases, particularly applied to accelerating the elimination of malaria in the Asia Pacific region.

The Tall Poppy Campaign was created in 1998 by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science (AIPS) to recognise and celebrate Australian intellectual and scientific excellence and to encourage young Australians to follow in the footsteps of outstanding achievers. It has made significant achievements towards building a more publicly engaged scientific leadership in Australia.

Congratulations to Dr Roslyn Hickson on this important achievement.