Maths students trade study for trading

Over the recent summer holidays, four maths students from the Faculty of Science undertook a Trading internship at Optiver, a leading technology driven trading firm based in Sydney.

William Stewart, Jesse Zhao, Andrew Roche and Kevin Yu spent 8 weeks at Optiver’s Sydney office learning how they could apply their quantitative skills to the financial markets.

The interns first had to learn the underlying financial theory behind Options pricing, before moving on to shadow Optiver’s experienced traders. They then had the opportunity to combine their new knowledge with their quantitative capabilities by conducting simulated trading with live market data. The final component was to work in teams to develop their own Options trading strategies.

William, who is doing a Master of Science (Mathematics & Statistics), said the problem solving aspects of trading was what first attracted him to the role.

“The environment at Optiver required fast-paced thinking and also provided the freedom to tackle new problems,” he said.

Andrew, a Bachelor of Science student majoring in Applied Mathematics, said the most enjoyable part of his internship was the unique experience of trading on the live market.

"The market is constantly adjusting to the world around us, and you must be able to continually adjust your expectations and understanding of the current situation,” he said.

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