Dr Nathan ROSS

Senior Lecturer

School of Mathematics and Statistics

  • Room: 147
  • Building: Peter Hall Building
  • Campus: Parkville

Research Groups

Recent Publications

  • Erol A Pekoz, Adrian Rollin, N. Ross, EA Peköz, A Röllin. Exponential and laplace approximation for occupation statistics of branching random walk. Electronic Journal of Probability, 25, 2020. doi: 10.1214/20-EJP461.

  • J HÄ…zÅ‚a, E Mossel, N. Ross, G. . The probability of intransitivity in dice and close elections. Probability Theory and Related Fields, 951-1009, 2020. doi: 10.1007/s00440-020-00994-7.

  • A. Barbour, N. Ross, Y. Wen. Central moment inequalities using Stein’s method. Electronic Journal of Probability, 25, 1-21, 2020. doi: 10.1214/20-ejp493.

  • A. Barbour, P. Braunsteins, N. Ross. Local limit theorems for occupancy models. Random Structures and Algorithms, 58, 3-33, 2020. doi: 10.1002/rsa.20967.

  • E Peköz, A Röllin, N. Ross. Pólya urns with immigration at random times. Bernoulli, 25, 189-220, 2019. doi: 10.3150/17-BEJ983.

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Current Postgraduate Supervision

Name Thesis title
Yin Yuan (Tiffany) LO

Past Postgraduate Supervision

Name Thesis title
Jason LEUNG "Integrated Wishart bridges and their applications"

Current MSc Students

Name Project title
Yiting TAN
Qingwei WU "to be confirmed"

Past Honours & MSc Students

Name Project title
Xuehua LAN
Xiangnan SHI
Yu Hsiu Paco TSENG

Recent Grant History

Year(s) Source Type Title
2015 - 2018 ARC Discovery Random Discrete Structures: Approximations and Applications


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  • Data Science BSc major Coordinator
  • Department Colloquia Coordinator
  • Department Web Coordinator
  • Maths and Stats Colloquia


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