Research Fellow

School of Mathematics and Statistics

  • Room: 144
  • Building: Peter Hall Building
  • Campus: Parkville Campus

Recent Publications

  • L. Tafakori, Armin Pourkhanali, Saralees Nadarajah. A new lifetime model with different types of failure rate. Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, 2017. doi: 10.1080/03610926.2017.1367811.

  • Azam Karami, L. Tafakori. Image denoising using generalised Cauchy filter . IET Image Processing, 11, 767-776, 2017. doi: 10.1049/iet-ipr.2016.0554.

  • L. Tafakori, AR Soltani. A note on the Cauchy-type mixture distributions. Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 87, 1901-1910, 2017. doi: 10.1080/00949655.2017.1296440.

  • Armin Pourkhanali, Jong-Min Kim, L. Tafakori, Farzad Alavi Fard. Measuring systemic risk using vine-copula. ECONOMIC MODELLING, 53, 63-74, 2016. doi: 10.1016/j.econmod.2015.11.010.

  • Thomas Mikosch, Gennady Samorodnitsky, L. Tafakori. Fractional Moments of Solutions to Stochastic Recurrence Equations. Journal of Applied Probability, 50, 969-982, 2013. doi: 10.1239/jap/1389370094.

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