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Mathematical analysis is a very broad area of mathematics, with strong connections both with other branches of mathematics, such as geometry and mathematical physics, and with other scientific disciplines, such as biology, chemistry, material sciences and finance. Roughly speaking, mathematical analysis focuses on the investigation of qualitative and quantitative properties of mathematical ``objects'' (e.g. functions, series, measures, spaces, solutions of differential equations, etc.). The techniques involved comprise those arising in the elementary calculus, such as limits, differentiation and integration, as well as sophisticated tools from functional analysis, harmonic analysis, complex analysis, differential geometry and geometric measure theory.

Seminar series

Pure Mathematics

Academic Staff

Dr Jesse GELL-REDMAN (Lecturer)
Research interests: Microlocal analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Differential geometry
Dr Mario KIEBURG (Lecturer)
Research interests: Harmonic Analysis and Group & Representation Theory, Random Matrix Theory, Orthogonal functions and polynomials, Time Series, Quantum field theory, Telecommunications systems, Supersymmetry & Graded Algebras, Quantum Chaos, Quantum Information Theory
Dr Volker SCHLUE (Lecturer)
Research interests: Partial Differential Equations, General relativity, Geometric analysis
Prof Kari VILONEN (Professor)
Research interests: Representation theory, Algebraic geometry, Algebraic analysis

Postgraduate Students

LIU Jayson

Honours & Masters (RT) Students

JOHNSON Madeleine