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Data Science


As technology has advanced, there has been an explosion in the amount of data available worldwide. Trillions of bytes are now captured daily from mobile devices, web logs, sensors, and instruments. Nearly every industry needs to gain insight from these data, but they can be too large to manipulate with traditional database and statistical tools, and are typically heterogeneous, often messy, incomplete and unstructured. Data science combines aspects of statistics, computer science, and mathematics in order to organise, analyse, and extract knowledge from these data sets. The field is transforming the way industries and government operate, from matching products to consumer needs, to enabling improved health outcomes. Data science at the University of Melbourne is rooted in a strong foundation of the mathematical and statistical aspects of data collection, modelling, and analysis. Our researchers work on developing cutting-edge methodology, and putting those developments into practice.

Academic Staff

Prof Howard BONDELL (Professor)
Research interests: Statistics, Data Science, Mathematical Biology
Dr Mingming GONG (Lecturer)
Research interests: Machine Learning, Causal Reasoning, Computer Vision
Dr Susan WEI (Lecturer)
Research interests: Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistical inference for big data

Research Fellows

Dr Hamideh ANJOMSHOA (Melbourne Enterprise Fellow)
Research interests: Operations Research, Mathematical modelling, Healthcare modelling, Machine Learning

Postgraduate Students

LI Hui

Masters (RT) Students

QUAN Yiran
RUDD William
YAN Ruohua
YANG Yijing
ZHU Yaoyao