Research Support Scheme


The Research Support Scheme (RSS) has been in operation since October 2003. The most recent guidelines date from June 2006. Due to a changed environment since then, it is timely to undertake a revision of the guidelines.

Of the four objectives of the RSS listed in the June 2006 document, the first three remain the most relevant:

  • to help Graduate Research students present their work at conferences or to facilitate University exchange;
  • to help school members develop their research careers;
  • to encourage school members to take responsibility for obtaining their own funding for their research activities, and to contribute to funds required by their students.


The School remains committed to the principles implied by the three objectives of the scheme, and has been able to fund, at least partially, all approved applications. Requests of amounts less than $5,000 per student, in total over their enrolment period, can be considered. Furthermore, no one application will be funded to more that $3,000. Students with top-ups to their postgraduate awards must declare this, and are expected to draw on associated travel funds before making an RSS application.


Graduate Research Students

To be eligible for funding under the RSS, a graduate research student should:

  • be partially funded from other sources;
  • be presenting a talk at a conference if requesting local conference funds;
  • be presenting a talk or poster, and have applied for Science Abroad Travelling Scholarship (SATS) funds or equivalent, if requesting overseas conference funds;
  • be part of an international exchange, or have the visit as part of a successful application for SATS, if visiting other overseas institutions;
  • quantify the progress of their thesis and its timeline for completion, and provide evidence that the stated timeline is realistic;
  • and have submitted on time School RSS reports for past funding.

Academic Staff

To be eligible for funding under the RSS, an academic staff member should:

  • have obtained partial funding from other sources and have used or committed all other possible sources of funding, and not have or be employed on a research grant which supports travel;
  • be presenting a talk at a conference, or be part of a international exchange if visiting overseas institutions;
  • have submitted on time School RSS reports for past funding;
  • be a supervisor of at least 2 graduate students;
  • and have applied, either solely or as part of a team, for an externally funded grant in the twelve months preceding their application.

How to Apply

Applications can be made any time, and should be sent to the Academic Support Officer. The Head of School will then make a decision within one month of receiving the application.


Within one month of completion of an RSS funded activity, it is required that a one page report be submitted. This report should summarise the activity, detail its benefit, and confirm how the money was spent.

Application Form