Inka Tanaya


Atronic Australia

Graduated 2006

I graduated from University of Melbourne in 2006 with a degree in mathematics and statistics, majoring in statistics. After I graduated, I worked in Atronic Australia as a mathematician/statistician. Atronic operates in the gaming industry, delivering high quality casino games. Atronic serves more than 1300 casinos globally and has approximately 130,000 machines deployed worldwide.

As a mathematician/statistician, I am responsible for

  • producing mathematical formulae to describe the characteristics of new games,
  • developing new software to perform statistical analyses of games,
  • performing statistical tests to ensure the correctness of the code versus Excel calculations and
  • performing analyses of Atonic games and competitor's games in detail with respect to mathematics and game engines.

Apart from working in Melbourne I had the chance to work at Atronic's headquarters in Graz, Austria. Furthermore, the company also offered me the chance to work in their other branches overseas. Studying mathematics really does open a lot of doors.

My work requires a deep knowledge of probability theory and calculus to derive and produce formulae. I use all the knowledge in statistics that I learned at university as an undergraduate in my job. I really enjoy working as a mathematician/statistician and never thought that studying statistics would give me the opportunity to work in this industry.