Jenny Haitidis


SMS Management and Consultancy

Graduated 1986

Jenny HaitidisAfter completing my maths honours degree in 1985, my first positions were in operations research departments where the mathematical modelling skills were put to good use. At Shell Australia this role meant that you were exposed to most aspects of the company. I worked on projects for manufacturing, distribution, marketing and even the finance departments. My next move was into the gas industry. While initially an analytical and planning role, it moved quickly into an active developmental one in energy trading as I became involved in the deregulation and privatisation of the gas industry in Victoria.

It was only a short step, then, to joining SMS Management and Technology as a consultant. My role as a consultant has required a broad range of skills, ranging from generic project management to the analysis of risk, supply versus demand, pricing and customer behaviour. The application of these has enabled organisations to make high level strategic decisions that will affect them well into the future.

While it may not seem immediately obvious when looking at my current role, it is the underlying mathematical skills that have provided the very solid base for my “pyramid” of skills.