Data Science

The major in Data Science has an emphasis on statistics and computer science. It provides a strong foundation in the statistical aspects of data analysis (data collection, data mining, modelling and inference), as well as the principles of computer science (algorithms, data structures, data management and machine learning). The major is designed to give students an intellectual understanding of how to integrate and apply statistical and computing principles to solve large scale, real-world data science problems. It is suitable for students interested in a career in government or industry or who wish to pursue specialised graduate study.

This major is offered jointly by the School of Mathematics and Statistics and the School of Computing and Information Systems.

Subject choices

Note: The information below is for students studying full-time and commencing in the start-of-year intake. Subject sequences may differ for students studying part-time or commencing mid-year. This page only lists the mathematics and statistics and computing subjects required for the Data Science major, but students must also take additional science and breadth subjects to satisfy the requirements of the Bachelor of Science. Students are encouraged to seek individual course advice if needed.

Level-1 subjects (first year)

Students complete one of the standard first-year mathematics pathways.

Students also complete first-year computing subjects:

  • COMP10001 Foundations of Computing (semester 1)
  • COMP10002 Foundations of Algorithms (semester 2)

Level-2 subjects (second year)

Students take the following subjects in their second year:

  • MAST20004 Probability (semester 1 or 2) or MAST20006 Probability for Statistics (semester 1)
  • MAST20005 Statistics (semester 2 or summer)
  • COMP20008 Elements of Data Processing (semester 1 or 2)

Level-3 subjects (third year)

Students must complete the following subjects to satisfy the requirements for the Data Science major:

  • MAST30025 Linear Statistical Models (semester 1)
  • COMP30027 Machine Learning (semester 1)
  • MAST30027 Modern Applied Statistics (semester 2)
  • MAST30034 Applied Data Science (semester 2)