• Dr. John Banks

    Dr John Banks
    Room G41, Peter Hall building
    Phone +61 3 8344 3687

    John manages the MSLC and lectures first year mathematics subjects. He also plays a key role in assessing the mathematics and statistics qualifications of students coming into the University.
  • Dr. Paul Fijn

    Dr Paul Fijn
    Room G41A, Peter Hall building
    Phone +61 3 8344 2721

    Paul is passionate about education, particularly in statistics.  With varied interests (his undergraduate degree was completed with majors in Psychology, Cinema Studies and Pure Mathematics) he now researches statistics education, particularly how to improve statistical thinking and communication.  He is also a member of the Outreach team, which includes mentoring graduate students and planning public lectures.
  • Dr. Robert Maillardet

    Dr Robert Maillardet
    Room G48, Peter Hall building
    Phone +61 3 8344 8051

    Robert conducts research in probability and statistics, has written a popular text on scientific programming using R and produces Video Consultations to assist students to tackle difficult concepts. He teaches mainly first year calculus and second year probability and statistics.
  • Dr. Anthony Morphett

    Dr Anthony Morphett
    Room G43, Peter Hall building
    Phone +61 3 8344 3879

    Anthony’s mathematical background is in logic and computability. He has an interest in mathematics education, and in particular the design and use of technology for mathematics and statistics teaching and learning. Anthony teaches subjects including calculus, linear algebra and statistics.
  • Rosie Pingitore

    Rosie Pingitore
    Room G42, Peter Hall building
    Phone +61 3 8344 0010

    Rosie is the administrative assistant for the Mathematics and Statistics Learning Centre. She keeps the administrative wheels running smoothly, including tutorial materials and assignment processing. She liaises with students and staff across all levels in the University and wider community.
  • Dr. Alba Santin Garcia

    Dr Alba Santin Garcia
    Room G45, Peter Hall building
    Phone +61 3 9035 4455

    Alba does research in the area of Partial Differential Equations, but is interested in many other areas of mathematics such as Geometry, Complex Analysis or Topology. At the moment, she teaches first year subjects and helps coordinate the mathematics section of the University of Melbourne Extension Program (UMEP).
  • Dr. TriThang Tran

    Dr TriThang Tran
    Room G44, Peter Hall building
    Phone +61 3 8344 3878

    TriThang does research in Algebraic Topology, although in reality, he is interested in anything to do with mathematics. At the moment, TriThang teaches first year subjects, and tells the occasional bad joke in class.