BHP Billiton Research Scholarship (BHPBRS)

The BHP Billiton Research Scholarship will be offered in 2014 to female students at the University of Melbourne commencing full-time PhD studies in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in an area of mathematical optimization, preferentially but not exclusively related to applications in the mining industry. To be eligible, the students must have been awarded an Australian Postgraduate Award or University of Melbourne Scholarship such as the Melbourne Research Scholarship or Melbourne International Research Scholarship. The scholarship is available to local and international students.

The scholarship is valued at AUD $30,000 over a maximum period of three full-time years, payable in instalments of $10,000 each year, dependent upon satisfactory progress. Payments will be made on or after 1st July each year.

The BHP Billiton Research Scholarship will be awarded by the Dean of Science on recommendation from the Head of Department of Mathematics and Statistics.