Prof Christian HAESEMEYER


School of Mathematics and Statistics

  • Room: 171
  • Building: Peter Hall Building
  • Campus: Parkville

Research Interests

  • K-theory
  • Algebraic cycles
  • Motives

Research Groups

Recent Publications

  • G Cortiñas, C. Haesemeyer, Mark E Walker, Charles Weibel. Toric varieties, monoid schemes and cdh descent. Journal fur die Reine und Angewandte Mathematik, 698, 1-54, 2015. doi: 10.1515/crelle-2012-0123.

  • C. Haesemeyer, ME Walker, C. Weibel, G Cortiñas. The K-theory of toric varieties in positive characteristic. Journal of Topology, 7, 247-286, 2014. doi: 10.1112/jtopol/jtt026.

  • G Cortinas, C. Haesemeyer, ME Walker, C. Weibel. K-Theory of Cones of Smooth Varieties. Journal of Algebraic Geometry, 22, 13-34, 2013. doi: 10.1090/S1056-3911-2011-00583-3.

  • G Cortiñas, C. Haesemeyer, ME Walker, C. Weibel. A negative answer to a question of bass. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 139, 1187-1200, 2011. doi: 10.1090/S0002-9939-2010-10728-1.

  • A. Asok, C. Haesemeyer. Stable A(1)-homotopy and R-equivalence. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 215, 2469-2472, 2011. doi: 10.1016/j.jpaa.2011.02.002.

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Current Postgraduate Supervision

Name Thesis title
Patrick ELLIOT
Songqi HAN
Csaba NAGY

Current MSc Students

Name Project title
Alexander CLARK

Past MSc Students

Name Project title
Muhammad Taufik BIN MOHD YUSOF

Recent Grant History

Year(s) Source Type Title
2017 - 2019 ARC Discovery Algebraic invariants of singularities


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  • Director Postgraduate Teaching
  • Faculty of Science Graduate Academic Programs Committee


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