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Mathematical Physics


Mathematical Physics is the application of mathematics to problems in physics and the development of mathematical methods suitable for such applications and for the formulation of physical theories. It spans almost the whole range of mathematics and combines the excitement of research in physics and mathematics. Mathematical Physics smoothly interpolates between Theoretical Physics and Pure Mathematics in terms of rigour. The focus in research is often on conceptual and fundamental questions, but Mathematical Physics delivers well trained graduates who can be found working in high-end jobs.

Seminar series

Mathematical Physics

Academic Staff

Dr Nicholas BEATON (Lecturer)
Research interests: Mathematical Physics
Prof Jan DE GIER (Professor)
Research interests: Stochastic Processes, Integrable models, Mathematical Physics, Combinatorics
Prof Peter FORRESTER (Professor)
Research interests: Probability theory, Mathematical Physics, Statistical Mechanics, Special functions, Integrable systems, Random Matrix Theory
Emeritus Professor Anthony (Tony) GUTTMANN (Professor)
Research interests: Critical Phenomena (phase transitions), Exact solutions of lattice models, Statistical Mechanics, Enumerative combinatorics, Mathematical Physics
Dr Lucas HACKL (Lecturer)
Research interests: Quantum Information Theory, Quantum many-body physics, Quantum field theory
Dr Mario KIEBURG (Lecturer)
Research interests: Quantum Information Theory, Quantum Chaos, Supersymmetry & Graded Algebras, Telecommunications systems, Quantum field theory, Time Series, Orthogonal functions and polynomials, Random Matrix Theory, Harmonic Analysis and Group & Representation Theory
Dr Johanna KNAPP (Lecturer)
Research interests: String theory, Algebraic geometry, Gauge Theory
Prof Aleks OWCZAREK (Professor)
Research interests: Exact solutions of lattice models, Statistical Mechanics, Enumerative combinatorics, Mathematical Physics, Integrable systems, Lattice polymer models
Prof Paul PEARCE (Professorial Fellow (Associate))
Research interests: Conformal/Quantum Field theory, Critical Phenomena (phase transitions), Exact solutions of lattice models, Statistical Mechanics, Mathematical Physics, Integrable systems
Dr Thomas QUELLA (Senior Lecturer)
Research interests: Representation Theory and Applications, Conformal field theory, quantum integrable models, Topological states of matter, tensor network states, Lie (super) algebras, diagram algebras, quantum groups, Quantum many-body physics
Associate Professor David RIDOUT (Senior Lecturer)
Research interests: Conformal field theory, Vertex operator algebras, Representation theory, Lie (super) algebras, Integrable models
Dr Volker SCHLUE (Lecturer)
Research interests: Partial Differential Equations, General relativity, Geometric analysis
Dr Michael WHEELER (Senior Lecturer)
Research interests: Algebraic Combinatorics, Exactly solvable lattice models , Stochastic Processes, Integrable probability, Symmetric function theory
Professor Paul ZINN-JUSTIN (Professor)
Research interests: Schubert calculus, Algebraic Combinatorics, Quantum integrable systems

Research Fellows

Dr Jean-Emile BOURGINE (Research Fellow)
Research interests: String theory, Quantum groups, Integrable systems, Supersymmetric gauge theories

Honorary Staff

Professor Ian ENTING
Principal Fellow (Associate)
Emeritus Professor Anthony (Tony) GUTTMANN
Emeritus Professor (Associate)
Prof Paul PEARCE
Professorial Fellow (Associate)