Diploma in Mathematical Sciences

Study mathematics and statistics alongside another major with the concurrent diploma.

Develop your mathematical skills by studying the Diploma in Mathematical Sciences alongside your undergraduate degree at Melbourne.

The Diploma in Mathematical Sciences is a great way to use and develop your mathematical skills and complement your undergraduate studies. The high-level numerical and modelling skills you will gain can be applied across almost every area of employment and are always in demand.

This diploma is studied concurrently on a part-time basis with a bachelors degree. Within the Diploma, students will complete the requirements of the Mathematics and Statistics major from the Bachelor of Science. The Diploma consists of 1 year EFTSL of study completed concurrently with an undergraduate degree usually over 3-4 years. Domestic students may be eligible to receive the final half of the diploma HECS-free.

Please see here for information about how to apply for the Diploma, or refer to the Handbook for more information including entry requirements.

Sample course plans

Below are some sample course plans for the Diploma in Mathematical Sciences alongside various Bachelor degree and majors. These may be helpful for students preparing a course plan as part of their application for the Diploma.

Students who need help preparing a course plan are encouraged to seek individual course advice from the School of Mathematics and Statistics.