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Mathematical Physics


Mathematical Physics is the study of the mathematics associated with models of the physical world. One important and modern part of mathematical physics is the study of models in statistical mechanics. Statistical mechanics involves the understanding of large complex systems by averaging the behaviour of the individual components. For example, one can understand the behaviour of a gas without describing the motion of all the molecules involved, simply by knowing the type and strength of the forces between the molecules, using the principles of statistical mechanics. This powerful idea can be applied to many and varied systems in the natural world and in the human arena. It was not said lightly by a leading scientist that 'a well-trained statistical mechanician can tackle any problem' since, for example, statistical mechanics graduates can be found working in high-end financial organisations, in brain research or working for the Human Genome Project.

Seminar series

Mathematical Physics

Academic Staff

Dr Richard BRAK (Senior Lecturer)
Research interests: Enumerative combinatorics, Statistical Mechanics, Stochastic Processes, Critical Phenomena (phase transitions), Markov processes, Combinatorics, Orthogonal functions and polynomials, Polymers, Modelling of biological systems
Prof Jan DE GIER (Head of School)
Research interests: Stochastic Processes, Integrable models, Mathematical Physics, Combinatorics
Prof Omar FODA (Professor)
Research interests: Mathematics of string theory, Quantum field theory, Mathematical Physics, Statistical Mechanics, Algebraic Combinatorics, Integrable systems
Prof Peter FORRESTER (Professor)
Research interests: Probability theory, Mathematical Physics, Statistical Mechanics, Special functions, Integrable systems, Random Matrix Theory
Emeritus Professor Anthony (Tony) GUTTMANN (Professor)
Research interests: Critical Phenomena (phase transitions), Exact solutions of lattice models, Statistical Mechanics, Enumerative combinatorics, Mathematical Physics
Dr Charles HILL (Lecturer)

Dr Mario KIEBURG (Lecturer)
Research interests: Harmonic Analysis and Group & Representation Theory, Random Matrix Theory, Orthogonal functions and polynomials, Time Series, Quantum field theory, Telecommunications systems, Supersymmetry & Graded Algebras, Quantum Chaos, Quantum Information Theory
Dr Johanna KNAPP (Lecturer)
Research interests: String theory, Algebraic geometry, Gauge Theory
Prof Aleks OWCZAREK (Professor)
Research interests: Exact solutions of lattice models, Statistical Mechanics, Enumerative combinatorics, Mathematical Physics, Integrable systems, Lattice polymer models
Prof Paul PEARCE (Professorial Fellow (Associate))
Research interests: Conformal/Quantum Field theory, Critical Phenomena (phase transitions), Exact solutions of lattice models, Statistical Mechanics, Mathematical Physics, Integrable systems
Dr Thomas QUELLA (Senior Lecturer)
Research interests: Representation Theory and Applications, Conformal field theory, quantum integrable models, Topological states of matter, tensor network states, Lie (super) algebras, diagram algebras, quantum groups, Quantum many-body physics
Dr David RIDOUT (Senior Lecturer)
Research interests: Conformal field theory, Vertex operator algebras, Representation theory, Lie (super) algebras, Integrable models
Dr Volker SCHLUE (Lecturer)
Research interests: Partial Differential Equations, General relativity, Geometric analysis
Dr Michael WHEELER (Senior Lecturer)
Research interests: Algebraic Combinatorics, Exactly solvable lattice models , Stochastic Processes, Integrable probability, Symmetric function theory
Professor Paul ZINN-JUSTIN (Professor)
Research interests: Schubert calculus, Algebraic Combinatorics, Quantum integrable systems

Research Fellows

Dr Nicholas BEATON (Research Fellow)

Dr Chris BRADLY (Research Fellow)
Research interests: Statistical Mechanics, Polymers
Dr Alexandr (Sasha) GARBALI (Research Fellow)
Research interests: Mathematical Physics, Discrete Mathematics
Dr Jules LAMERS (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
Research interests: Quantum integrable systems, Quantum algebra, Mathematical Physics, Lattice polymer models, Orthogonal functions and polynomials
Dr Masahide MANABE (Research Fellow)
Research interests: Mathematical Physics, Mathematics of string theory
Professor Paul ZINN-JUSTIN (ARC Future Fellow)

Honorary Staff

Professor Ian ENTING
Principal Fellow (Associate)
Emeritus Professor Anthony (Tony) GUTTMANN
Emeritus Professor (Associate)
Dr Anthony MAYS
Fellow (Associate)
Prof Paul PEARCE
Professorial Fellow (Associate)

Postgraduate Students

FEHILY Zachary
GUNNA Ajeeth
MACLEOD Nicholas
XU Ruijie – ‘Some interacting quarter plane walk rpoblems
ZHANG Jiyuan

Honours & Masters (RT) Students

JOHNSON Madeleine
PRYOR Robert
SELVAM Sharanya
TAN Daniel