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Mathematical Biology


Mathematical, statistical and computational methods are crucial in many areas of modern biological research. Conversely technological advances in biology allow more data, often of a novel type or at a finer resolution, to be collected resulting in new challenges that are motivating research in mathematics, statistics and computational methods.

Seminar series

Mathematical Biology

Academic Staff

Dr Yao-ban CHAN (Lecturer)

A/Prof Guoqi QIAN (Senior Lecturer)

Dr Alexander ZAREBSKI (Lecturer)

A/Prof James OSBORNE (Associate Professor)

Dr Heejung SHIM (Senior Lecturer)
Research interests: Applied statistics, Bayesian Statistics, Computational biology, Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistical Genomics, Stochastic Processes
Prof James MCCAW (Professor)

Prof Stephen LESLIE (Professor)
Research interests: Statistical genetics, Systems Biology
Professor Kim-Anh LE-CAO (Professor)
Research interests: Biological data integration, Computational statistics, Multivariate projection-based methods, R software development
Dr Douglas BRUMLEY (Lecturer)

Professor Jennifer FLEGG (Professor)

Professor Michael STUMPF (Professor)
Research interests: Systems Biology
A/Prof Agus SALIM (Associate Professor)
Research interests: Biostatistics, Generalized Linear Models, Statistical Genomics

Research Fellows

Dr Davis MCCARTHY (Senior Research Fellow)

Dr Jared FIELD (Research Fellow)
Research interests: Animal Behaviour , Evolutionary Theory, Theoretical Ecology
Dr Camelia WALKER (Research Fellow)

Dr Edward HINTON (Research Fellow)
Research interests: Applied Mathematical Methods, Continuum Modelling, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
Dr Agnese BARBENSI (Research Fellow)

Dr Ryan MURPHY (Research Fellow)

Honorary Staff

Prof Barry HUGHES
Emeritus Professor (Associate)
Emeritus Professor Kerry LANDMAN
Emeritus Professor (Associate)
Prof David BALDING
Professorial Fellow (Associate)

Honours & Masters (RT) Students