Prof James MCCAW


School of Mathematics and Statistics

  • Room: 203
  • Building: Old Geology South
  • Campus: Parkville

Research Groups

Publications, Grants and Awards

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Current Postgraduate Supervision

Name Thesis title
Md. Nurul ANWAR
Xiao SUN
Yang YUE

Past Postgraduate Supervision

Name Thesis title
Leo DIAZ "Practical applications of hypergraphs to modelling dynamical systems"
Tiffany (Ngo Nam) LEUNG "Models of infectious disease transmission to explore the effects of immune boosting"
Ke LI "Viral dynamics models to explore biological mechanisms for highly pathogenic influenza viruses"
Michael LYDEAMORE "Mechanistic and statistical models of skin disease transmission"
Ada YAN "Influenza viral dynamics models to explore the roles of innate and adaptive immunity"
Alexander ZAREBSKI "Quantitative epidemiology: A Bayesian perspective"

Past Honours & MSc Students

Name Project title
Isobel ABELL "Developing Models to Optimise Vaccine Allocation Strategies"
Jason ARCHER "Multiple Strain Models for Infectious Diseases with Inter-Season Dynamics and Their Applications to Influenza A Epidemics"
Rory BURNHAM "Global dynamics of models of within-host viral infections including logistic target cell regrowth and innate immune response"
Dominic DELPORT "Metapopulation Models of Macroparasitic Disease Transmission"
Aaron HIBBERD "The spread of drug resistance in malaria: epidemiological implications of human within-host dynamics"
Wing Yu LAM "A Modelling Study on Innate Immunity and Drug-resistant Virus"
Dacong LIN "Analysis and Modelling of Pam2Cys Incorporated Viral Dynamics"
Somya MEHRA "Superinfection and the hypnozoite reservoir for P. vivax"
Vincent PANG "Final Size Distributions of the Stochastic SIR Model"
Andrew STRINGER "Linking innate and adaptive immunity may explain influenza interferon suppression data"
Xiao SUN "Stochastic Modelling of Within-Host Dynamics of Plasmodium Falciparum"
Thomas WALSH "A mathematical model to investigate the determinants of antibiotic resistance"
Cun WANG "Mathematical modelling of the antiviral effect of Pam2Cys during Influenza A Virus infection"
Suyi ZHANG "to be confirmed"