Micro Mathematicians

Micro Mathematicians is an extension program aimed at advanced Y5/6, Y7/8 and Y9/10 students who are passionate about mathematics. Students will explore mathematical problems at a deep level following the inquiry process.

The programs run either over the school holidays (Y5/6) or as an 8-week intensive course (Y7/8 & Y9/10). Due to the current restrictions, we use a virtual environment (Zoom and Google Classroom) and students will have 3-hour contact time with the University of Melbourne Outreach Team each day (Y5/6) or meet for 1 hour a week (Y7/8 & Y9/10). The remaining hours will consist of students conducting independent work.

What will students do?

Throughout the programs, students will take part in a variety of activities designed to promote mathematical investigation at a high level. Some of the key mathematical areas we will focus on include, but are not limited to, Number Theory; Data Analysis; Combinatorics; Geometry & Topology and Mathematical Biology.

Activities include:

  • Problem solving: engaging with challenging problems through various approaches like modelling, collaborative discussion, construction, proof, and arts and crafts. Activities are open ended to allow students to extend the activity as far as they like and in any direction they choose.
  • Extended Research Project: working on an extended project. Students can choose between a range of provided problems. Problems are broad and students will need to decide how to narrow the problem down, in what direction they wish to take the problem, what information they will need to answer the problem and what is a suitable approach.
  • Research Presentations: Students will be required to present their mathematical research to each other, focusing on the methods they used, the results they concluded, and the questions that still remain open.

Program details

Download a program brochure to find out more about how they run:

Year 5/6 program Year 7/8 program Year 9/10 program

The closing date for registration is Friday 5 March, 2021. All of the programs will be repeated later in the year. For further information please contact ms-outreach@ms.unimelb.edu.au.