Vacation Scholarships Supervisors

The following supervisors from the School of Mathematics and Statistics are available to supervise Vacation Scholarship projects in 2020/2021.

Name Research areasEmail
Brak, RichardDiscrete Mathematics, Mathematical
Brumley, Douglas Applied Mathematics
Chu, Tingjin Operations Research
Fackrell, Mark Operations Research, Stochastic Processes
Flegg, Jennifer Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Biology, Statistics
Forrester, Peter Mathematical Physics
Haesemeyer, Christian Geometry and Topology
Hautphenne, Sophie Applied Probability
Hughes, Barry Applied Mathematics
Johnston, Stuart Mathematical Biology
Kieburg, MarioMathematical
le Cao, Kim-Anh Mathematical Biology, Statistics
McNamara, Peter Algebra
Morphett, Anthony Learning and Teaching Innovation
Munoz-Acosta, Mario Andres Operations Research, Applied Mathematics, Data Science
Norbury, Paul Geometry and Topology, Mathematical Physics
Quella, Thomas Mathematical Physics, Algebra
Ras, Charl Operations Research
Reeves, Lawrence Algebra
Ridout, David Algebra, Mathematical Physics
Ross, Nathan Stochastic Processes
Sader, John Applied Mathematics
Schlue, Volker Analysis, Geometry and Topology, Mathematical Physics
Shim, Heejung Statistics, Mathematical Biology
Tam, Matthew Operations Research
Tordesillas, Antoinette Applied Mathematics
Tran, TriThang Geometry and Topology
Vukcevic, Damjan Statistics, Data Science
Wu, Chenyan Number Theory
Xia, Binzhou Discrete Mathematics
Xue, Ting Algebra
Zhang, Joyce Operations Research
Zinn-Justin, Paul Algebra

Please note that this list may not be exhaustive and you are also welcome to contact other academics in your area of interest.

Academics who wish to be added to this list of potential supervisors should contact