Professional Development for Teachers

Professional development days targeted at empowering VCE teachers to engage with the proposed changes for upcoming study designs.

VCE Mathematics Teacher PD Day

The University of Melbourne School of Mathematics and Statistics is offering professional development days targeting three content areas of VCE mathematics: logic and proof, graph theory and algorithms, and statistics. Each day will be devoted to one of these areas, which are already within the curriculum or are planned to be included in future study designs. These PD days are designed specifically for teachers to familiarise themselves with the content knowledge.

Participants can attend any or all days, in person at The University of Melbourne Parkville campus or online via Zoom. A certificate of attendance will be provided. Lunch and morning tea will also be provided for those attending in person. All days are free of charge.

Logic and Proof

This day covers mathematical logic and proof, and is particularly relevant to Specialist Mathematics teachers. Topics include:

  • Conjectures,
  • Connectives,
  • Quantifiers,
  • Examples and counter examples, and
  • Techniques of proof, including proof by induction.


This day covers inferential statistics. It is relevant to both Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics teachers. Topics include:

  • Populations and samples,
  • Confidence intervals,
  • Hypothesis testing, and
  • Errors in hypothesis testing.

Graph Theory and Algorithms

This day covers graph theory and algorithms. It is relevant to General Mathematics, Further Mathematics, and Specialist Mathematics teachers. Topics include:

  • Graph theory definitions,
  • Applications of graph theory,
  • Graph algorithms,
  • Counting arguments, and
  • Planarity.


The  next round of teacher PD days will be offered in September 2022. Register using the links below:

Content AreaDateTime Registration link
Logic and Proof Monday 26 September 9 AM - 3 PM Register
Graph Theory and Algorithms Wednesday 28 September Register
Statistics Friday 30 SeptemberRegister

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