Expectations and obligations

There are expectations and obligations that you can expect of the School and ones that the School expects of you. You should discuss these with your supervisor(s) at the beginning of your candidature.

For current Graduate Research students

  • The University has guidelines and regulations regarding PhD/MPhil student and supervisor obligations.
  • There are a couple of particular School obligations for research students mentioned below. While these are framed as obligations they should be seen as enhancing the educational experience of the degree.


  • Graduate Research students are expected to attend at least half of the School Colloquiums and all seminars of their individual research group.
  • Research seminars play a vital role in developing and fostering the research culture of the School, and as Graduate Research students you are expected to attend all relevant seminars. The School runs both informal and formal seminar series to provide researchers with the opportunity to present their research to peers. There are usually weekly seminars in individual research groups, as well as informal style seminars in the School Colloquiums.
  • View the list of upcoming seminars. All seminars are also advertised via e-mail, so make sure you're on your research group's e-mail list.
  • The School recommends that Graduate Research students present at least one seminar per year. This is to assist not only in your academic development, but also your presentation skills.


Information on the expectations and requirements of confirmation can be found here.