Support resources

We provide various support resources to help students learn mathematics and statistics, and to help teachers teach it.

  • mathSpace - a place to study with friends

    The mathSpace is a social learning space for students to collaborate on their mathematical ideas. Facilities are provided for students to study and work on mathematics together. The mathSpace is located on the ground floor of Peter Hall building and is open during normal building access hours.


  • mathAssist - drop-in help for learning mathematics

    mathAssist is a drop-in space for Mathematics and Statistics students to develop their mathematical understanding with support from Learning Assistants (formerly known as tutor-on-duty). There is a particular emphasis on remedying gaps in students background or assumed knowledge.

    While students are encouraged to seek help with concepts they are having trouble with, mathAssist is not a place to request answers or solutions. Rather, our aim is to aid students in developing critical thinking skills to become better mathematical learners and practitioners and to make sure that students have the assumed knowledge they require for the subjects they are taking.

    Your Learning Assistants can help with:

    • Problem solving skills
    • Critical thinking skills
    • Studying techniques
    • Fostering collaboration opportunities
    • Background knowledge
    • Obtaining additional study resources

    When and Where: In semester 1 2023, mathAssist runs 12pm - 2pm every weekday (Monday - Friday) during semester, starting in week 2 and excluding the mid-semester break. It is held in person in the mathAssist room, ground floor, Peter Hall building.

  • Reading packs - reading material for prerequisite knowledge
  • Learning Resources - for academics and teachers

    The Learning and Teaching resources below have been developed by the MSLC to support teaching & learning in the School.