Message from Head of School

Mathematics and statistics are at the core of discovery and understanding in all areas. Fundamental research and education in mathematics and statistics provides for the foundation that underlies future innovation.

Professor Howard Bondell, Head of School
Professor Howard Bondell, Head of School

The University of Melbourne's School of Mathematics and Statistics is a world-leading school of mathematics and statistics. The School has achieved this status through the high quality of its research and teaching programs. We offer a wide range of subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate students and are involved in all aspects of community life that impacts on the discipline and its applications. The School is committed to diversity and inclusion, outreach to the community, and we welcome opportunities for engagement with individuals and groups both within and outside academia.

We are a broad School with an international reputation covering areas of pure and applied mathematics and statistics. We have research foci in Algebra, Continuum Modelling, Discrete Mathematics, Geometry and Topology, Operations Research, Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Physics, Stochastic Processes, Statistics, and Data Science.

We offer an undergraduate program as a major, primarily through the Bachelor of Science and concurrent Diploma in Mathematical Sciences, a research training and coursework Master of Science degree, as well as PhD training. The School runs a Mathematics and Statistics Learning Centre that looks after the large number of undergraduate students taught by the School.

The School has a growing number of academic staff, including postdoctoral research fellows. Several members of staff are Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science and/or been awarded prestigious Fellowships and Awards. The School hosts two ARC Centres of Excellence, an ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre, and has several ARC Laureate, Future and DECRA Fellows.

The School is a partner in the collaborative research centres: Melbourne Integrative Genomics and the Melbourne Centre for Data Science. We are home to the Statistical Consulting Centre that engages with industry to provide high quality statistical consulting. We have a strong external and international focus, and started the first international research institute/research station in Australia, MATRIX, to run research-intensive, residential programs addressing key mathematical challenges.

We invite you to explore what the School of Mathematics and Statistics has to offer.

Professor Howard Bondell
Head of School