Graduate Research Student Travel

The School of Mathematics and Statistics has set aside funds for Graduate Research students who require assistance with travel costs while undertaking their research degree.

Graduate Research students are encouraged to apply to other schemes and other funding bodies in the university. To qualify for the PhD Travel Allowance, students must satisfy certain criteria. The amount available will depend on funds previously granted by the school.

A full application form with budget will need to be approved by your supervisor prior to submission.


The School strongly supports PhD and MPhil students to engage with the national and international academic communities to advance their research training and their project through travel to conferences, especially in giving talks at these meetings, as well as participation in workshops and direct collaborations. Students are also encouraged to apply to funding bodies to secure funding, as this is good practice for academic training.

Guidelines for Student Travel and FAQs

Apply for Study Away

Before you apply, ensure you have reviewed the About Study away information and completed all necessary steps.


Travel support

Students have access to the following travel schemes to support their research:

  1. PhD Travel Allowance: The School will give each confirmed PhD candidate access to $5,000 for travel during their candidature. Travel must occur during the first four years of candidature, prior to thesis submission. This may be used to speak at a conference, attend a conference, participate in a workshop or directly collaborate with an academic at another institution. Students need to write an application, with budget, that needs to be submitted to their supervisor. Students should also apply to Faculty and University Schemes. Once approved by their supervisor a copy needs to be lodged with the School's Academic Support Officer to arrange funding.

    Download the application form

  2. Research Support Scheme: Where PhD candidates require more than $5,000 over the term of their candidature they may apply to the Research Support Scheme in the School. They need to secure matching funds from another source. MPhil candidates may also apply.
    Please read the Research Support Scheme Policy for further information. 

    Download the application form

  3. Science Abroad Travelling Scholarship: The Science Abroad Travelling Scholarships are intended to support PhD students in the Faculty of Science undertaking travel to attend conferences, fieldwork, etc. as part of a Study Away request. Further information can be found at Science Abroad Travelling Scholarship.
  4. Discipline Schemes: The Australian Mathematical Society (AustMS) and the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) fund travel for students to specific conferences and workshops.