Welcome to the Mathematics and Statistics Learning Centre home page - the first port of call for our current undergraduate students and prospective students for any of our programs.

We aim to prepare students for professional careers, not only in mathematics and statistics, but also across the range of pure and applied sciences, commerce, engineering, industry and technology. Our undergraduate subjects train you in essential skills such as logical reasoning, sophisticated problem solving, research skills and oral and written communication. These transferable skills are invaluable for professional life in any discipline.

Oasis is our unified home for mathematics and statistics student support, both online and in person. Oasis currently includes mathSpace, mathAssist, learning resources, and reading packs.

The School's Vacation Scholarship Program provides selected students (from Melbourne or elsewhere) with a supervised introduction to research in mathematics or statistics. It is particularly recommended for students seriously considering University of Melbourne Mathematics and Statistics postgraduate research programs (eg. MSc, RHD).

The Melbourne University Mathematics and Statistics Society, also known as MUMS, was formed to represent maths and stats students at Melbourne University. They welcome anyone else with an interest in maths or stats. They organise a variety of activities, including seminars, trivia competitions, barbecues and of course the annual Puzzle Hunt and Maths Olympics. They also put out Paradox magazine at regular intervals.


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