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Studying mathematics and statistics can take you into any industry, or lead to further study to deepen your knowledge and skills.

How to study Mathematics and Statistics in the Bachelor of Science

The School of Mathematics and Statistics offers four majors as part of the Bachelor of Science:

Course information for the Bachelor of Science

We also offer the Diploma in Mathematical Sciences, which is taken at the same time as the Bachelor of Science or another undergraduate degree. It is equivalent to studying a major in Mathematics and Statistics.

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Course requirements

If you're planning to study mathematics and statistics in the Bachelor of Science, you will need to meet the prerequisites.

If you didn't complete VCE Mathematical Methods 3/4 (or equivalent) in Year 12, you will need to complete Calculus and Probability Online. This will meet the course requirements for entry to the Bachelor of Science, Commerce or Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne, as well as for subjects within those degrees.

Diplomas and certificates

For those who didn't major in mathematics or statistics in their undergraduate degree, but now wish to complete further studies in mathematics and statistics:

Graduate degrees

A graduate degree in mathematics and statistics can prepare you for entry into the workforce with specialist skills, or it can be a pathway to graduate research - for example a PhD.

Graduate research (PhD and MPhil)

If you complete a masters course with a significant research component, you can go on to study a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy), or another graduate research program:

List of possible supervisors available for PhD and MPhil research projects.

For enquiries, contact the Graduate Research Coordinator, Dr Guogi QIAN:


The University of Melbourne has one of the most generous scholarship programs in Australia. With over 1200 scholarships and prizes available for new and current students, it's more than likely there is one that you're eligible for either when you start your course or during your studies.

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There are a number of scholarships available to students studying mathematics and statistics. Including:

  • The Helen R Freeman Scholarship - Master of Science (Mathematics and Statistics): supports female students in their first year of the Master of Science (Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Maurice H. Belz Prizes in Statistics: awarded to students with the highest and second-highest aggregate marks in the major second year subjects Probability and Statistics
  • Dwight Prize in Mathematical Statistics: awarded to students achieving the highest results in Statistics and Stochastic Processes in the Master of Science
  • E.R. Love Prize: awarded to third-year Bachelor of Science students placed first in the subjects Mathematics and Statistics.

Careers in maths and statistics

Our graduates go on to many and varied careers. They work in fields as diverse as research, banking, finance, commerce, mining, healthcare, software, logistics, and market research.

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