Prof Howard BONDELL

Head of School / Professor

School of Mathematics and Statistics

  • Room: G33 - Head of School Office
  • Building: Peter Hall Building
  • Campus: Parkville

Research Interests

  • Data Science
  • Mathematical Biology
  • Statistics

Research Groups

Publications, Grants and Awards

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Current Postgraduate Supervision

Name Thesis title
Erdun GAO
Dong LUO
Jiangrong OUYANG
William RUDD

Past Honours & MSc Students

Name Project title
Ronald CHAN "Regularised binary classification using the area under the receiver operator characteristic curve"
Siyue CHEN "Using Generative Adversarial Networks in Text to Image Synthesis"
John Henry GRAY "Emulating infectious disease models using Gaussian processes with application to COVID-19"
Yiping GUO "Topics in robust probabilistic principal component analysis and conditional density estimation"
Hidaka KATO "Bayesian optimisation with applications to the agricultural simulator"
Loc PHAM "Assessing the Robustness of Deep Distribution Regression: An Influence Function Approach"
William RUDD "Restricted Sylvester normalizing flows for shrinkage in logistic regression"
YAHANG WANG "Branching Process Models and Estimation for Tumour Growth Rates"
Qianwen XUE "Using Group Specific Recommender Systems to Account for Non-Random Missingness"
Ruohua YAN "Portfolio optimization based on Q-learning"
Puyang ZHAO "Statistical and Machine Learning Approaches for Prediction of Solar Power Generation"
Zhixing ZHU "Robust and group sparse PCA based on group lasso penalty and sigma-divergence"


  • Head of School