Research Interests

  • Statistics

Recent Publications

  • A. Delaigle, P. Hall, J. Wishart. New approaches to nonparametric and semiparametric regression for univariate and multivariate group testing data. Biometrika, 101, 567-585, 2014. doi: 10.1093/biomet/asu025.

  • A. Delaigle, P. Hall. Parametrically Assisted Nonparametric Estimation of a Density in the Deconvolution Problem. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 109, 717-729, 2014. doi: 10.1080/01621459.2013.857611.

  • R. Carroll, A. Delaigle, P. Hall. Unexpected properties of bandwidth choice when smoothing discrete data for constructing a functional data classifier. Annals of Statistics, 41, 2739-2767, 2013. doi: 10.1214/13-AOS1158.

  • A. Delaigle, P. Hall. Classification Using Censored Functional Data. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 108, 1269-1283, 2013. doi: 10.1080/01621459.2013.824893.

  • M. Bennett, A Melatos, A. Delaigle, P. Hall. Reanalysis of ƒ-statistic gravitational-wave searches with the higher criticism statistic. Astrophysical Journal, 766, 99 (10pp), 2013. doi: 10.1088/0004-637X/766/2/99.

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Current Postgraduate Supervision

Name Thesis title
Debajit DUTTA "Theoretical and Numerical Aspects of Functional Data Analysis"

Past Postgraduate Supervision

Name Thesis title
Sandy CLARKE-ERREY "Some problems in the analysis of high-dimensional data"
Luke GANDOLFO "To be advised"
Peter HICKEY "The statistical analysis of data from high-throughput assays for studying DNA methylation."
Farshid JAMSHIDI "Problems in nonparametric curve estimation"
Shaoke LEI "nonparametric methods for complex data"
Hugh MILLER "Statistical methods for the analysis of high-dimensional data"
Tung PHAM "Statistical inverse problems"
Belinda PHIPSON "Empirical Bays modelling of expression profiles and their associations"

Past MSc Students

Name Project title
Hui-Shyang LEE
Ngoc TRAN "An introduction to theoretical properties of functional principal component analysis"

Recent Grant History

Year(s) Source Type Title
2014 - 2016 ARC Discovery Nonparametric data analysis in statistical science
2014 - 2016 ARC Centre Of Excellence ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS)
2009 - 2013 ARC Discovery Inverse and related problems in statistics
2008 - 2012 ARC Discovery Theory and application of computer-intensive, nonparametric statistical methods
2007 - 2011 ARC Federation Fellowship Nonparametric Statistical Methods - New Directions, Theory and Applications


Year Name Organisation
2013 Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Sciences National Academy of Sciences
2013 Officer of the Order of Australia Australian Government
2012 Samuel S. Wilks Award American Statistical Association
2011 Australian Laureate Fellow Australian Research Council
2011 Guy Medal in Silver Royal Statistical Society
2010 Szekeres Medal Australian Mathematical Society
2009 Moyal Medal Macquarie University
2009 Challis Award and Lectures University of Florida
2008 Distinguished Achievement Award International Chinese Statistical Association
2007 Gottfried E. Noether Senior Scholar Award American Statistical Association
2007 Matthew Flinders Medal and Lecture Australian Academy of Science
2006 Australian Federation Fellow Australian Research Council
2003 Centenary Medal Australian Government
2002 Australian Professorial Fellow Australian Research Council
2002 Corresponding Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Royal Society of Edinburgh
2002 Award for an Outstanding Paper on Statistical Applications American Statistical Association
2000 Fellow of the Royal Society of London Royal Society of London
2000 Centennial Professorship (2000-2002) London School of Economics
1996 Fellow of the American Statistical Association American Statistical Association
1994 Hannan Medal Australian Academy of Science
1990 Pitman Medal Statistical Society of Australia
1989 Honorary Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society Royal Statistical Society
1989 Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies Award Institute of Mathematical Statistics
1989 Lyle Medal Australian Academy of Science
1987 Fellow of The Australian Academy of Science Australian Academy of Science
1986 Edgeworth David Medal Royal Society of NSW
1986 Rollo Davidson Prize Cambridge University
1986 Medal of the Australian Mathematical Society Australian Mathematical Society
1984 Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics Institute of Mathematical Statistics