Mathematics and Statistics 1960s Reunion

Luncheon at Queens College, 6 October 2011

A reunion of Mathematics and Statistics 1960s Honours, Masters and PhD graduates was held at Queen's College on Thursday 6th October, 2011.

Alumni who want to share email addresses with other Mathematics and Statistics graduates of the 1960s, or who want to contribute memories of the departments during that time, should contact Karl Brown at


Chris Howard; Susanne Howard (guest); Peter Gill; Peter Preston; Peter Baines; Frank Barrington; Susie Groves; Solway Sager-Nutting (nee Love); Philip Rayment; Stephen Clarke; Roger Gay; Rosemary Livingston (guest); Richard Dillon; Allen Russell; Andrew Prentice; Ian D Clark; Neil Roberts.
John Schutz was unable to attend on the day.


Professor Aleks Owczarek (head of department); Christine Mangelsdorf; Alison Harcourt (nee Doig); Linda Richardson (Secretariat)

Apologies were received from a number of alumni prior to the reunion. Some wrote to us with their memories of the 1960s:

Alumni Memories


Apologies and best wishes for a successful reunion were also received from:

HANS GOTTLEIB – BA (Hons) 1967; BSc 1967; MSc 1968
I think the most lasting memory I have of the Maths courses is the care and appreciation of Pure Mathematics which Prof. Love imparted to us in his lectures.

TERRY SPEED – BSc (Hons) 1965

RUTH CURTAIN – BSc (Hons) 1963; MA 1966; GDipEd 1966 (Ruth is interested to know what ex-students have become and suggested a listing of emails of those who would like to stay in touch)

BARBARA YEOH – BSc (Hons) 1970

BILL PYE – BA (Hons) 1954; BEd 1964; MA 1969

ANGIE BYRNE – BSc (Hons) 1963; MSc 1970; PhD 1976 and NEAL BYRNE – BSc 1962; BSc (Hons) 1963

KEN SHARPE – BSc 1963; MSc 1968; PHD 1976

DEREK HOLTON – BSc 1962; MA 1967; GDipEd 1967

JOHN CARROLL – BA (Hons) 1966

GLENYS THOMSON – BSc (Hons) 1968; MSc 1971; PhD 1974

DARYL DALEY – BA (Hons) 61; BSc 1962; MA 1963
I was amongst a group of chemists that includes Frank Larkins and mathematicians that includes Peter BrockwellJohn McPheeand Peter Gill.

JOHN SCHUTZ – BSc (Hons) 1966, BE(ElecEng) 1964

GRAHAM FORBES – BSc 1967; MSc 1972; BA 1974