Research funds and Fellowships

These awards are granted to support research activities or staff salaries, in ways and areas specified by the donors. Staff apply for the awards, that are assessed and awarded by committees of the School of Mathematics and Statics according to the gift criteria.

Prof Maurice H. Belz Fund

The gift was made by Dr. Florence Marjorie Belz, in perpetuation of the memory of her late husband Professor Maurice H. Belz. Professor Belz was the Foundation Professor of Statistics at the University of Melbourne, who was largely responsible for setting up the first autonomous Department of Statistics in Australia.

The awards advance the interests and activities of Statistics by sending scholars abroad for further study or bringing qualified scholars to Australia to present lectures on Statistics.

Behrend Memorial lecture in Mathematics

The gift was made by Daisy Behrend to provide a memorial to her late husband Felix Behrend, who was an Associate Professor in the department of Mathematics in the University of Melbourne.

The award supports the costs to provide a public lecture or series of lectures on aspects of Mathematics.

Percival George Charker bequest

The award was gifted by Percival George Charker in his will. The bequest is used for promotion of the study of Mathematics at The University of Melbourne.

Le Xing collaborative research grants

The Lei Xing Fund supports a broad range of collaborative research initiatives in Mathematics & Statistics.

Andrew Sisson Early Career researcher grants

The Andrew Sisson Fund provides small research grants Early Career Researchers in Mathematics & Statistics, targeting support where it I most needed in development of the future of Mathematics & Statistics research.

Excellence in Diversity Fellowship (Indigenous)

Supported by the Mathematics & Statistics Trust Fund, in recognition of the need for greater diversity and inclusion within the University of Melbourne, and field of Mathematics.

This Fellowship has been developed to attract, support and retain outstanding early career researchers and Indigenous knowledge holders with significant potential for research, community impact and contribution to workplace culture.