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Applied Mathematics


The Applied Mathematics Group has broad interests across the fields of colloid science, medicine, chemical engineering and materials processing. We often work on problems regarding the transport of materials, cells or molecules. Many of these problems arise from interaction with experimentalists, engineers, and industry partners, such as found in the Particulate Fluids Processing Centre, a Special Research Centre funded by the Australian Research Council, 2001-2005, or Royal Childrens Hospital. We develop discrete and continuum models to help understand these systems and generate and test new hypotheses. Particular strengths are in the mechanics of granular media , contact mechanics of deformable interfaces such as drops, the modelling of moving fronts of cells, random walks in random environments, and the mechanics of the atomic force microscope.

Seminar series

Mathematical and Computational Biology

Academic Staff

Prof Antoinette TORDESILLAS (Professor)
Research interests: Homogenization Theory, Interfacial Continuum Mechanics, Mechanics of Complex Systems, Mechanics of Granular Media
Dr Jesse COLLIS (Lecturer)

Dr Alexander ZAREBSKI (Lecturer)

A/Prof James OSBORNE (Associate Professor)

Prof James MCCAW (Professor)

Dr Douglas BRUMLEY (Lecturer)

Professor Jennifer FLEGG (Professor)

Dr Stuart JOHNSTON (Senior Lecturer)

Prof Kate SMITH-MILES (Associate Dean (Industry & Enterprise) / Professor)
Research interests: Combinatorial optimisation, Continuous optimisation , Dimensional reduction, Generation of hard test instances , Machine Learning, Mathematical modelling, Multi-objective optimisation, Numerical linear algebra, Operations Research, Parameter estimation, Performance evaluation
Dr Hailong GUO (Senior Lecturer)
Research interests: Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing

Research Fellows

Dr Edward HINTON (Research Fellow)
Research interests: Applied Mathematical Methods, Continuum Modelling, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
Dr Nicholas JAMES (Research Fellow)
Research interests: Applied Mathematical Methods, Data Science, Mathematical Biology, Statistics
Dr Ryan MURPHY (Research Fellow)

Dr Haibo LI (Research Fellow / Research Fellow)
Research interests: Inverse and ill-posed problems, Machine Learning, Numerical linear algebra

Honorary Staff

Prof Barry HUGHES
Emeritus Professor (Associate)
Emeritus Professor Kerry LANDMAN
Emeritus Professor (Associate)
Professor Derek CHAN
Emeritus Professor (Associate)