Preparing for first-year mathematics subjects

First-year mathematics builds on highschool mathematics, so it is helpful to revise highschool mathematics before you start your first-year mathematics studies.

The best revision resources are your own notes and textbooks from school. In addition, here are some revision materials covering selected topics from highschool mathematics.

During semester, the mathAssist drop-in help service can help you revise highschool mathematics and consolidate your mathematical skills.

Consultations are another great source of help. Consultations are where you can get one-on-one help from the lecturers or your tutor with the subject material. Information about consultations will be on your subject's Canvas LMS site, or ask your tutor in class.

If you are still concerned about your mathematical preparedness or your choice of first-year mathematics subjects, you can contact for individual advice. Include your highschool results transcript in your email.