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The Statistics group is interested in the application of statistical theory in a rich variety of contexts. The research interests of the group include biostatistical issues such as meta-analysis and survival analysis, food science statistics such as measuring and describing the quality of consumables, environmental applications including population modelling, group testing, drug testing in sport, bioinformatics and sample surveys. The group's link with the Statistical Consulting Centre means that there are research opportunities arising from real-world applications that are readily available.

Seminar series


Academic Staff

Dr Robert MAILLARDET (Tutor)

Dr Yao-ban CHAN (Lecturer)

Prof Ian GORDON (Director - Statistical Consulting Centre)
Research interests: Applied statistics
A/Prof Graham HEPWORTH (Statistical Consultant - Statistical Consulting Centre)
Research interests: Statistics
Dr Sandy CLARKE-ERREY (Statistical Consultant - Statistical Consulting Centre)
Research interests: Statistics
A/Prof Sue FINCH (Statistical Consultant - Statistical Consulting Centre)
Research interests: Statistics
Professor Andrew ROBINSON (Professor)
Research interests: Biosecurity, Environmental and Ecological Statistics, Forest Biometrics
A/Prof Guoqi QIAN (Senior Lecturer)

Prof Aurore DELAIGLE (Professor)
Research interests: Statistics
Dr Mario KIEBURG (Senior Lecturer)
Research interests: Harmonic Analysis and Group & Representation Theory, Orthogonal functions and polynomials, Quantum Chaos, Quantum field theory, Quantum Information Theory, Random Matrix Theory, Supersymmetry & Graded Algebras, Telecommunications systems, Time Series
Prof Howard BONDELL (Professor)
Research interests: Data Science, Mathematical Biology, Statistics
Dr Heejung SHIM (Senior Lecturer)
Research interests: Applied statistics, Bayesian Statistics, Computational biology, Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistical Genomics, Stochastic Processes
Prof Stephen LESLIE (Professor)
Research interests: Statistical genetics, Systems Biology
Dr Wei HUANG (Senior Lecturer)
Research interests: Causal Inference, Functional data, Measurement Errors
Professor Kim-Anh LE-CAO (Professor)
Research interests: Biological data integration, Computational statistics, Multivariate projection-based methods, R software development
Dr Tingjin CHU (Senior Lecturer)
Research interests: Statistics
Dr Liuhua PENG (Senior Lecturer)

Dr Susan WEI (Lecturer)
Research interests: Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistical inference for big data
Dr Pavel KRUPSKIY (Senior Lecturer)
Research interests: Copulas, Multivariate extremes, Nonparametric Statistics
Dr Mingming GONG (Senior Lecturer)
Research interests: Causal Reasoning, Computer Vision, Machine Learning
Dr Dennis LEUNG (Lecturer)
Research interests: Graphical models, High-dimensional statistics, Multiple testing
A/Prof Agus SALIM (Associate Professor)
Research interests: Biostatistics, Generalized Linear Models, Statistical Genomics
A/Prof Abd-Krim (Karim) SEGHOUANE (Associate Professor)
Research interests: Machine Learning, Signal and Image Processing, Statistics
Dr Doan Khue Dung (KD) DANG (Lecturer)
Research interests: Bayesian inference, Computational statistics, Data Science
Dr Liam HODGKINSON (Lecturer)

Prof Alicia OSHLACK (Professor)
Research interests: Statistics

Research Fellows

Dr Nicholas JAMES (Research Fellow)
Research interests: Applied Mathematical Methods, Data Science, Mathematical Biology, Statistics
Dr Steve MEHRKANOON (Research Fellow)

Honorary Staff

Dr Meei NG
Senior Fellow (Associate)
Prof David BALDING
Professorial Fellow (Associate)


Dr Chun LI (Tianjin University of Technology and Education)